printemps / été 2023

Marais Bleu
The spring / summer 2023 collection by Pierre Cardin is under the motto "Marais Bleu". Like no other brand Pierre Cardin manages to combine French style and excellent fits in one collection. Set: the charming trendy Marais district of Paris with its eclectic mix of historical sites, art and culture. Against this backdrop, Pierre Cardin presents an innovative collection full of lightness, natural materials and flowing silhouettes. For the first delivery date in January, we walk over the cobblestone pavement in light down jackets, parkas or casual car coats. We combine harmonious layering of light knitwear, long-sleeved polo shirts, authentic jeans & chinos in heavier qualities. Muted earth tones, paired with the contrasting colours blue and offwhite dominate the colour palette.